Stained Glass Commissions

It doesn’t matter how many times I make a leaded pane, when I hold the finished piece up to the light for the first time, something wonderful happens. Light breathes life into it! Glass changes as the light changes and creates moods and feeling.

Being a perfectionist, I put an enormous effort into getting the detail just right and your satisfaction is more than important to me. Many of my clients come back time and time again, with big and small commissions.

There are so many different colours and textures in glass but if I can’t find what I am looking for locally, I source from the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan and China.

All my work is done in a traditional manner, using cut glass, trace painting, lead and solder work.

Whether you want to make a bold architectural statement, create privacy or maybe just complete an environment to work or relax in, I can help with the design process and come up with a ‘one off’ just for you.

I describe the way I work as a professional colouring in and jigsaw artist which always makes people laugh, but it’s true, once I’ve got the design down on paper and the client’s happy, I’m in heaven filling in the space with colour like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

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