Stained Glass Conservation

I take great care to advise on the appropriate procedures specific to each individual project and also to source the very best quality materials, as I take great pride in being able to contribute to the continuing safeguarding of the glass and glazing contained within churches, historic buildings and listed properties within Cornwall, the southwest and beyond.

From an initial conservation assessment & report, I can offer specialist cleaning, glass repainting and partial or full re-leads, together with full on-site removal and installation. The trick is to always remember to take photographs of the windows now before something happens to them. Please photograph them now, stop reading this website and record what you have!!! There’s nothing worse than getting a call from somebody who says their beautiful window has been smashed and all they have is a large bucket of broken glass and lead work, although I love the challenge that presents and, even without a photograph I can produce something beautiful, in the same style and with the same feel, which is why I have been called a stained glass forger in the past. People truly can’t spot the fixes and new windows! My aim is always to conserve both glass and lead work where possible and to undertake reversible interventions where possible. There is nothing better than enjoying the light through stained glass on a sunny day and my job is to make sure it stays that way.

Give me a call and I’ll try to help you to save your lovely windows.

Call Me On: 07966 438 786